In addition to the ministries described elsewhere, there are even more ways you can serve. Please pray about how you can make our church stronger by being a part of a ministry that serves the church and our community!


A warm smile and a handshake help to welcome both new and old friends into our church. If you have a gift for making people feel welcome, consider joining this ministry.
Contact:  Bobby and Sue Cook through the church office at 540-886-8076.


Our Technology Team is responsible for sound, projection, and our broadcast ministry. We use technology to serve the Body of Christ and to send God’s Word outside our church walls.
Contact:  Ed Smith at [email protected].


When a member of the body is hurting, we are to offer comfort and encouragement. If you enjoy cooking and would like to offer meals to those who are grieving a loss, sick or recovering, this ministry is for you!
Contact:  The church office at 540-886-8076.

Kitchen Team

The Kitchen Team coordinates and prepares meals for church meetings and events. Help for setup and cleanup is always appreciated!
Contact:  Elizabeth Geiger at [email protected]